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An unexpected ending…

September 4, 2014 - Posted in News Posted by:

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Flock Unlock has been discontinued. Tweet this

After months of ongoing research and development and recently lot’s of talk about either to pivot, persevere or shut down we have decided to shut down our startup.
While this does mean we won’t be launching our product, those of you who are interested in launching a Flock Unlock campaign need not worry

Twitter itself is coming to the rescue! They’re currently developing and testing a similar product.
Be on the lookout for the upcoming Flock to Unlock Twitter Card expected to launch at the end of this year.

Yes you guessed it…
This is also the main reason why we’ve decided to prematurely end our startup journey.


Twitter has identified the need for marketing tools and is working to offer multiple new Twitter Cards. Since we’re talking about Twitter itself here, they have the ability of incorporating these Twitter Cards into your Twitter stream, something we as a third party can’t offer. This makes for a brilliant integration of the campaign and simple one click participation, things you’ll definitely like!
It is still unclear how their upcoming Flock to Unlock Twitter Card will be offered but it is expected to be part of the Twitter Ads platform.

@PUMA is the first global brand to have had the opportunity of testing this upcoming Flock to Unlock Twitter Card. You can read more about their campaign and see an example on the Marketing Week website.

We want to thank you and all the agencies and businesses who have worked with us and provided valuable feedback.

The End.



Medizinische Beratung im Internet 4 weeks ago

Die besten Tipps, die leckersten Rezepte und die spannendsten Erfolgsstories gibt es auch per E-mail.


Gesundheit Thema 4 weeks ago

In der Regel wird Hochdruck mit einer Kombination aus Lebensumstellung und Medikamenten behandelt.

Reply 2 weeks ago

Die Mitglieder lernen in regelmäßigen Häppchen wichtiges zur Ernährung,
zu Bewegung und Stressmanagement.


alltags frisuren zopf 1 week ago

Eine kostenlose aber ausgereifte und professionelle Handelsapplikation ist im Währungshandel gegenwärtig die Regel denn die
Ausnahme und auch die kostenlose Bereitstellung der
Nachrichten aus den namhaften Newstickern von Reuters, ZDF Nachrichten und Co.
können Investoren bei fast allen FXbrokern voraussetzen.


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