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A new adventure…

May 29, 2014 - Posted in News Posted by:

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Meet Flock Unlock

Whoa you made it to our blog!
That’s great, let me tell you some more about Flock Unlock while you’re here.

Engagement rates on social media are dropping low and businesses are having a hard time reaching followers and fans. We’re here to put an end to that! With Flock Unlock you’ll be able to run an exclusive twitter promotion that engages your followers like never before.

Ok so you’re probably wondering how this magic is going to work?  Well, here it is… by giving out exclusive content your followers like.

And this is why, a Compete study tells us the top reasons why people follow brands:

  • Discounts and promos (94%)
  • Free stuff (88%)
  • Fun and entertainment (87%)
  • Updates on upcoming sales (79%)
  • Access to exclusive content (79%)

(Source: Compete study, 2011)

It’s obvious right, who doesn’t like exclusive discounts, free stuff and content?
There’s just one problem.. what’s in it for your brand?

This is where the power of a Flock Unlock campaign comes in.
We’ll enable your followers to unlock a reward or goodie after helping you cross a retweet, followers or #hashtag threshold.
Here’s an example:

“An exclusive movie trailer will be unlocked, if 5000 people tweet with the #flock hashtag”

So you ask them for a social interaction and if enough people take the action they all get the reward!

Result: You’re happy, your followers are happy, the whole world is happy! – Ok ok, maybe not the whole world –


We’ll help you build a positive online brand experience soon.

With Flock Unlock you can amplify your message beyond your current followers and even go trending!


Engage your followers

Sign up now and be notified when we launch our beta platform

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